Pray for Jotta A.

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In case you don’t know this dude called Jotta, you can be forgiven probably because of the part of the world he comes from. Very little is known about this lad but here are the few I have been able to gather from the web.
The thing is, when you talk of a 13 year old boy [1999] from Brazil, the next thing that comes to peoples mind is a new football (soccer) whiz kid. Jotta however, is about music and music and music. The youngest of three children of  Antonio and Edna Holanda, living in the village of Angélica, just outside Sorocaba, Brazil. His real name is Jose Antonio Viana, although his family calls him Tony.

I also don’t know much about him but I am sure in a few years to come, the history books of will start opening. It was on a YouTube video of a Brazilian TV youth talent show…

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