I Cannot Heal your broken Heart,
I Cannot promise to always be there when you need me,
I Cannot wipe that despair in your heart,
I Cannot provide all you want,
I Cannot change that aspect of your life,
I Cannot give you the peace that you desire,
I Cannot always make you happy,
I Cannot answer you anytime you so need me,
I Cannot grant you that your desired needs,
I Cannot heal that disease,ailment,virus,
I Cannot build your homes and marriages,
I Cannot make you great…

But I Know Who Can..
I Know who can do much more you ask or think….
I Know who is able and abundantly able to do all you desire..

GOD can.
You trails and temptation may seem raging like a whirl wind.
But he is able to speak to that storm for calmness.
Yes he can.
Go to him in prayers..
He will cleanse and make you whole..
He will give you an enduring peace.
He will make the bitter water of Life Sweet.

Have a blessed day Friend.


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