Reality and Imagination

Many quotes have been compiled by people that imagination looks real.
But truth is, reality and imagination have a lot of difference.
For example- I can tell you a lot of story about Lion; the beauty and beast inside a Lion, its character and description.
I can go on and on and on to tell you everything about Lion – that’s Imagination….
But when you meet Lion face to face, and survive after that encounter…. Hahaha..
My oh my..
You survive!
The way you will describe or talk about a Lion would be different from someone who read about Lions.
They can never be the same story.

Yea …….
That’s Life for you…
Imagination is not far from reality but reality is far from imagination.

Apply this in every aspect of Life and have a better understanding.

I would give you an assignment–

Think about the bomb and rocket launch happening in Isreal and Gaza.
With the above illustration about Lion, apply it.
You would have a better picture and feeling of the heat in Gaza and Isreal.

Have a nice day!


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