The Error

Being an Atm or supporting a guy or a girl financially isn’t a guarantee that they would love you back.
We tend to be heartbroken when we find out this reality.
But that’s the truth.

We give to expect something back but another reality you have to face is that, its 1 out of 5 cases that people tend to love you back for what you have been doing.
And weird as it may sound people will see you as a fool for doing that.

You invested on something you aint sure about.
They would call you names.
Some would say love is blind.
And where it hurts most, is when they disconnect and act as if they never knew you or when you calculated the amount you wasted on your love bird, you tend to have a wound deep down.

People can be ridiculous and mean you know!

So spare yourself that headache and be wise…
But if you are a victim already– em em the deal is done, you just have to stand up, dust yourself and smile to the sun, for better days are ahead.
Its a story you won’t forget but learn a lesson.

So its either you give and expect nothing or don’t give to expect anything, to avoid story that touches the bone marrow!

Nice week ahead.

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