Isn’t This Weird

isn't this weird
isn’t this weird
What’s up with the money acquisition?
Where on earth are humans storing the wealth they are amassing everyday?
What’s the essence of the wealth if humans store wealth for themselves and a child on the street is hungry?
Isn’t food the cheapest commodity to give to someone in need?

We have a lot of billionaires and millionaires in this world but yet some kids have only one pant not even a clothe.-one book not even a textbook,
-One slippers not even a shoe.

Where is the Love, we profess to exhibit when a child who doesn’t have much needs but cloth,food,water and education is in desperate need..
Is that much to give?

Is that too much for a child to ask?

Drying up tears in the eyes of people is the best kind of peace and happiness.

Ponder on these……………




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