No problem lasts forever. No matter how
permanently fixed in the center of our lives it may
seem, whatever we experience in this ever-
changing life is sure to pass. Even pain. Difficult situations often bring out qualities in us that
otherwise might not have risen to the surface, such
as courage, faith, and our need for one another.

All of our experiences can help us to grow. But we may need patience. Some wounds cannot
be healed quickly. They must be given time. In the
meantime, we can appreciate the new capabilities
we are developing, such as the capacity to mourn
and the willingness to accept. Let us share our
losses and triumphs with each other, for that is how we gather courage.

(From Courage to Change: One Day at A Time in Al-
Anon II, page 77). Reprinted with permission of Al-
Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia
Beach, VA



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