The Job Test….

A story was told about the selection of applicants for a job position in a company-
Can’t remember the exact number of people that applied-
So let’s use 1000 applicants.
The 1000 applicants were screened to 50 people.
And these 50 people are smart and intelligent.
But the company needs to fill 10 vacant space- ( can you imagine that, it seems weird right? But hey it happens in most organization)

The 50 people were screened and they got 20 solid people.

It Seemed hard for the panel to determine which technique they would use to get 10 people they need,
So they came up with an idea to give them a hard test which has no answer;
They paired them in 2’s and each group would select someone to represent and defend their answers.

Within few minutes they said time-up!
Oh my world!
You just gave us a test and within few minutes you said time up?

That was everyones exclamation, but that’s everyones business but not the panel’s.
They have a goal which they must achieve.

Here is the Challenge;

The panel asked each group to choose who would defend them,no one seem to be concerned,everyone kept mute.
And the panel said- at the count of 10 , each group should decide,-the room was tensed..
Its 5 and counting , no one stood up,8…. , 9… And…..; 10 people stood up before the count of 10..

Wait for this…


The 10 people that stood up got the Job!!!

Everyone was shocked and there was a lot of murmuring in the room.
A member of the panel said something interesting,
Let’s hear him….

When Life ask you to stand, just stand, you may keep sitting for the rest of your life.

– muyiwa afolabi..

Bottom line…..

*Take responsibility.
*A leader decides fast but accurate.
*Be careful and be decisive, Life is full of test and puzzles.
*Grab useful opportunities.
*Don’t be discouraged..

Instead of fighting each day for a new job search, why not find something you can learn, maybe a skill.
Its not easy to get Jobs nowadays but you can create jobs with that new skill of yours..
I know its not easy but we have to survive..

Goodluck Friend in your adventure and search..
All the best.



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