Loosing Friends

One fact that would always happen whether we Like it or Not is- We must loose Friends.

No matter how glued or how permanent they seem to appear, we must definitely loose them.

The day I realised this sad fact, I began to loose more friends.

Weird isn’t it!

The friendship doesn’t end abruptly but its a gradual process that you may either notice or won’t even notice.

As we grow, our taste and desires change!

So it applies to our relationship with people.

We loose friends in many ways;

1) By either misplacing their contacts or they misplacing ours.

2) Relocating or Change of environment.

3) Transfer ( due to work or schooling)

4) Death

5) Change of character!

With my study, I have been able to also find out, that most times we are either sad or not sad it happens.

But the reality we must face is- we are definitely going to loose friends.
But the weird part is how, its going to happen.

Their is a particular saying I Love so much and it says-

” Mind how you end your friendship”

Some people end their friendship in bitterness and strife.

Some end theirs in happiness and peace.

I would recommend the later;
Reason is;
Life is a journey,
Wish others well,
We are pilgrims on earth.

And lastly.

Don’t get so glued to people who have negative influence in your life.

Don’t waste time to end the friendship.

Be wise.

Don’t also get so glued too with positive influence, they would get bored of you and start behaving unfriendly to you.

Bottom line is- Know when to stay and Know when to quit.

Be Blessed!

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