Woke up this Morning, Saw a Post from a Friend Elsieisy, and I was inspired to write this piece.

I can only but imagine how life would have been in the 21st century if we lived the sorta life our parents lived.

I can only but imagine what love meant to them; what beauty meant to them; what character meant to them; what personality meant to them; what happiness meant to them.

A lot will argue that things definitely won’t be the same way up from our parents down to us.
But there are things we can’t do away with.

You can’t do away with your surname, the character of the family, family integrity, posterity of the family, the uniqueness of the family, Never will you do away with some of these.

Your view on things like Love and Friendship can never be more superb than theirs.

Our parents are a True definition of Fidelity.

They find satisfaction in each other, building a home looked like a Priority and a Task they must achieve, then imbibing core values becomes the legacy.

The Polygamus are out of my picture of definition of Parents with core values; I aint despising them, but there is a focus which am pointing at.

Until we start seeing things and learning from our parents on the issue of Love and Marriage, we will continue having broken homes and broken hearts.
Its not a verbal attack, but the fact, which leaves us the option of learning from our parents or doing things our own darn way.

Our parents have one partner, they cherished, loved and preferred them above anyone else. They aren’t interested in exploiting other women, but they found their happiness and joy in a single person.

They found peace,
They built their Love,
They built oneness,
They fought together,
They Quarreled,
They deny each other things,
They made sacrifices,
They had malice,
They disagreed at so many issues,
They cried,
They smiled,
They murmured,
They Nagged,
They wanted things they couldn’t afford,
They struggled,
They toiled,
They had fears,
They had Faith.

They couldn’t have done this without the Pure and True Love in their Hearts.
They made GOD their pillar
During Crisis,
They know where to turn to
During hunger, the believed in hope;
During lack, they had faith that things will be alright soon.

They found unadulterated satisfaction and love in each other.
Peace was divine, Joy was superb.
They hid behind their cries and heartache and choose happiness in difficulties.
They couldn’t do things without each other.

Until we start differentiating Sex from Love, we are far from happiness.

Stop the lifestyle of having too many or many partners you use, dump and trash.
Its going to harm you more than you think.
One of the effect is- Lack of Satisfaction.
You keep looking for a particular set of satisfaction from Plethora of Women, and in the Process, you either Abuse or destroy them.

“One of the reasons,why marriage crashes and there are issues of Infidelity, is the lack of satisfaction, due to the effects of multiple exposure and pleasures”- Iwuchukwu Emmanuel ©

Elsieisy wrote- Since sex has becomes easy to get, Love became hard to Find.

Take my post,
Ask your parents if any of the things I said are true or false.
Then Learn From them.

We can’t keeping doing something wrong everytime.

One Love and One partner.

Written By Iwuchukwu Emmanuel.

Have your say in the Comment box.
Thanks for reading.

© Iwuchukwu Emmanuel Ifunanya


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