In a year,
We only have May 27 as the only day to celebrate kids.

Well from this part of divide, we care less about the date,
Most parents are so busy they forget to express and show their love to the kids.

They leave the care to the schools to handle by paying for childrens day party.

The kids have hard times getting along with their parents.
They are used to teachers and classmates.
That’s why they can be decieved easily by the above mentioned.

Children needs attention esp this 21st century, they need parental care, to be able to subdue peer presure and negative influence.

Little wonder why Children aint Jovial with their parents, the reason is not far fetched.
The parents have been so busy with work and excuses.
They have little or no time.
They get to say, —- am busy with work and providing for the family, bills have to be paid , blah blah blah,
But what’s the essence of paying and hustling for the Family when its all literal engagements?.
The family is just word but no concern.
No care,
No intimacy
No love.

A worry!

Most parents have a nonchalant attitude towards today celebration, cos it means nothing.

Well it means a Lot.
It means appreciating your kids
It means being happy you have them,
It means counting your kids as a blessing,
It means having the joy that they are growing,
It means appreciating the Fact that GOD is keeping them safe,
It means being glad they are growing,
They are being smart, intelligent and creative.
It means seeing them healthy, strong and vibrant.
It means celebrating their futuristic ambitions.
Even your older children needs to be celebrated too,
They are still your children irrespective of age.

Let’s share the Love.

Their is no family without kids,
They are a blessing.
They are the joy of marriage.
Celebrate them.

Happy Childrens day!
Even you , yes you
You are a child !
Its your day!

Forget this mentality that kids in school are only the ones celebrating,
Unless you are alien, reject it..
Adults are children too.

But to all the Children out their!
Happy Childrens Day…..
Keep the Joy of the family.
You are the best thing that have ever happened.
You are a Blessing.
You have visions.
Don’t be bullied and intimidated by Peer pressure.
You are meant to be a Hero and Heroine.
You are a Role Model.
You have gifts embedded in you.
You are simply the Best.


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