We live in a Fast world,

Fast cars,
Fast food,
Fast decision,
Fast contract,
Fast marriage,
Fast money,
Fast Houses,
Fast lifestyles,
Fast appliances,
Fast gadgets,
Fast technology,
Fast network,
Fast results,
Fast Track,
Fast appointments,
Fast Judgement,
Fast education,
Fast train,
Fast airbus,
Fast government,
Fast divorce,
Fast solutions,
Fast career,
Fast banking transactions,
Fast Fast Fast Fast everything and anything!

*deep sigh**

What a Fast world!

No one likes the word ‘Patience’, no one likes to Wait!

Waiting looks abnormal,
A moment please…..,
For what!?
I gat no time to waste!

That’s the world we live in.

Most Motivational Speakers and Writers have influenced the minds of people negatively and positively.
They create quotes , about goals, dreams and vision etc with a Fast like mindset.

Achieving ones dream quick,
Am not saying its not good, but you hardly read about PATIENCE in achieving your desired results.

How great the Virtue of Patience is!

Patience gives you a lot of Power to Control situations, your speed, your mindset and Noises around you.
Patience gives you the boldness to be calm in stormy situations,character, denials, betrayals and disappointments!

When things aint going the way we plan, we need Patience not to make rash decisions.

When dealing with people, relationships and marriage, we definitely need patience!

Let’s Take a Break, and Make a Break- Iwuchukwu Emmanuel


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