The House Chores……

The House Chores……

The Landlord of the house I lived in, when I was a kid, had 10 Solid Boys.
Yes you heard right…
And they are so so handsome.
No girls( don’t know about now).

Then, I could feel her urge and desire to have a female child.
If adoption was easy, she would have made the decision.

It would sound awkward, when people hear that you ain’t barren or having difficulties in taking in, but went and adopt a girl just because you need one.

But basically,
We live in a country where Its a taboo to have all girls, without a boy, we also live in a country where you need to have both sexes for people to even appreciate your family.

This perception about sexes in marriage , when it comes to having kids have led to many heartbreak and broken marriages .

Until we start accepting any sex , we will still be backward as a country.
Esp in marriage aspects.

You can nurture your male child to do basic home chores.

And this stereotype belief system, that the female child are made and certified to be the only one doing house chores or maintaining a home, have influenced major aspects of our lives and lifestyle.

C’mon the plates don’t have sexes.

Right? Right!

Until we start teaching our kids and erase this belief system, we would have adults having issues with it.

I do House chores and I cook as well.

So teach your male kids, I learnt from my mum.
You just have to, it will pay off later in life, esp their bachelor state.

It all starts from you.
Yes you mother!
You can balance things up.
You can abolish this stereotype belief system..
You can save your sons marriage.
You can ! And we should, cos its important.

And bottom line is…
All kids are kids.
Irrespective of their sexes.
They can be your all, in all you wanted in the opposite of their sex.


Copyright Emmanuel Iwuchukwu.


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