AFRICA: The Question of Color.

AFRICA: The Question of Color.



The Dumping Ground of Blames , ills , Allegation , Racism , discrimination and Garbage From The “Supposed” Superior Countries.

AFRICA has been on the Receiving End of both good, bad and ugly.

Pretty Sad!

They are making it Look Like, coming from AFRICA is Evil!
A Lot of Social imbalance.

AFRICA needs to Have a Collective Voice against this Indiscriminate acts.
Its becoming too much!
Affecting our future!

This indiscriminate acts is a Threat to our peace ,progress and unity!

Its not a Crime to be Blacks!

But wait a sec!

Why the Heck do they even call us black?

Who told them they are whites?

Bring the two colours we have been using to discriminate ourselves for centuries, look at both colors, no human on earth have that color in Skin.

So how did we get this color into our membrane, accepted it and worked on it?

How about Chocolate, what about color Cream?
This two colors can best describe us without strife or hatred (I stand to be corrected base on the two colors I mentioned) on our skin colors.

Black is used in Color of Shoe or Clothing materials etc, same as white, so how did we add human skin to these characteristics?

We have been Judged by this!
We have been in superior inferior saga without knowing the essence?

The mind boggling question is!

Who told you that you are White or Black?

Emmanuel Iwuchukwu (c) 2015


3 thoughts on “AFRICA: The Question of Color.

  1. Sometimes, we need to ask these deep questions about social stratification. Sometimes, we need to look at the imbalance of things and know that its inherent in man to selfishly seek domination over other men and when given the opportunity, they step beyond seeking domination to actual domination which would then be a defining line of the relationship. No human is created superior to the other and my thought is that the seemingly superior human has simply enhanced his opportunities and skills whilst consistently trying to lord it over the one that fails to use his talents. It’s not a question of colour, but what you do with the colour.

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