Social Media and Online Discrimination

Social Media and Online Discrimination


Social Media and Online Discrimination.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Social can be defined as relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other.

Media can be a medium of cultivation, conveyance, or expression.

In essence , social media is a platform were people interact through a medium. Irrespective of your race, color, country and belief , social media erased such limitations.

But its sad to note , that racism is crawling into social media. Caning its own lane, breeding hatred and discord. Defying the initial purpose, why social media was created.

This limitations , makes it difficult for people to interact across globes and continent.

Social media was created to bridge the gap of differences, bring people of Like minds and same interest together, and also gives people the privilege to Join any interest of your choice, without restrictions.

But times are changing, and Social media Innovators needs to look into this issue. The issue of discrimination and racism. Try as much as possible to block such loop holes.

There are platforms, most countries can’t use, and a look at that, it ought not to be so.

The best social media innovators can do, is to monitor and filter uses and consumption.

And I have an issue with people painting Nigeria, in bad light.

Its really not funny anymore. I haven’t heard nor seen any country, that invest its resources in discrediting, castigating and criticizing like Nigerians do.

Its so appalling to note that, we have been tagged to anything evil, bad or terrible.

People are scared to relate, interact, give privileges, make business deals , give positions and deserved respect to us. This ought not to be so.

You are limiting and dimming the lights of the Lovely people in this country.

We have talents in abundance, we just need someone or institutions that can enhance the potentials in Nigeria. In every sector, we have the capabilities, the strength, vigor, zeal, and intelligence.

Am appealing to everyone to do their best in putting this country and its people in bright light. We need to build a better place for our now and the future.

It will be disastrous, if we leave things this way.

The future generations will not only hate us but will have difficult times relating and showcasing their potentials among peers across the globes.

We need to curb this Stigma now, before it strangles our future.


Emmanuel Iwuchukwu.
© 2015

Photocredit: ewebdesigns.


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