There are so many Traditional practices that are unsavoury, unhealthy and needs to be addressed.
Surprisingly, a look into these said Institutionalized acts are said to have been introduced by women.

Why do women suffer unjustly?
Why are the ills of this world blamed on them?
Why are women subject of abuse and object of abuse?

Can’t just understand.

Weird as it may sound;
Do you know that Women Institutionalized this act ; A Woman Drinking the water washed off from a her husband dead body to Prove Innocence.
Shaving off the hair of the Woman, wearing a Black Dress for a Period of Time, Sleeping on the floor for months.

This Barbaric act Have been practiced for so long.

And its Such an amazing thing that people who promote culture, people who believed that Christianity should be removed and replaced with Tradition accept and buy this Barbaric act against Women. 

Infact Christianity made away most of the Barbaric Traditions, Practiced and Inflicted on Women.
They played a significant role.

Notwithstanding, my point of This Article, is , To appeal to Most Women, who still See the Need to Practice this Act, to do away with it.

Its not only Evil but inhumane.

Why Punish Someone for another one’s Death just to Prove a Point?

Don’t get it Twisted, Men endorsed this, when women brought this as an avenue to exonerate  themselves and to prove innocency.

This is running into Generations and the Act is being Propagated.

I appeal to Women to have A collective Voice and Say Enough is Enough!

This Belief System needs to be abolished!
The Government Needs to come in and enforce the Abolishing of this Barbaric act against women!

And weird as it may seem, women have been the enemy to themselves, for centuries and they still cry, being oppressed by Male folks.
Don’t get it Twisted, men have also been in the Picture of Endorsing this.

So basically, Let’s quit the Blame game!
Let the Men Join the Women in Pushing for this Act to be totally and absolutely abolished!

The NGOs are doing their Bit but they Need More Voice From the People and The Government……

Let the women be there for each other not against each other.
Let the women be their sisters keeper.

This discussion shouldn’t stop and end on this blog but let it continue in our daily discussion.

I believe as Miss/Mrs A enlightens Miss/Mrs B one by one we would Change this system and restore The Pride of Womanhood.

We can , We should and  We will.
For the peace and justice for our Future Girl Child.


Emmanuel Iwuchukwu © 2015.

AFRICA: The Question of Color.

AFRICA: The Question of Color.



The Dumping Ground of Blames , ills , Allegation , Racism , discrimination and Garbage From The “Supposed” Superior Countries.

AFRICA has been on the Receiving End of both good, bad and ugly.

Pretty Sad!

They are making it Look Like, coming from AFRICA is Evil!
A Lot of Social imbalance.

AFRICA needs to Have a Collective Voice against this Indiscriminate acts.
Its becoming too much!
Affecting our future!

This indiscriminate acts is a Threat to our peace ,progress and unity!

Its not a Crime to be Blacks!

But wait a sec!

Why the Heck do they even call us black?

Who told them they are whites?

Bring the two colours we have been using to discriminate ourselves for centuries, look at both colors, no human on earth have that color in Skin.

So how did we get this color into our membrane, accepted it and worked on it?

How about Chocolate, what about color Cream?
This two colors can best describe us without strife or hatred (I stand to be corrected base on the two colors I mentioned) on our skin colors.

Black is used in Color of Shoe or Clothing materials etc, same as white, so how did we add human skin to these characteristics?

We have been Judged by this!
We have been in superior inferior saga without knowing the essence?

The mind boggling question is!

Who told you that you are White or Black?

Emmanuel Iwuchukwu (c) 2015

Your Words Your Child.

Your Words Your Child.

Basically we don’t understand the impact of most words we use on our kids, until they start living it.

Einstein’s Family went on a picnic, most of the kids made jest of him, cos he was always quiet.
The mom said to him, you would be a professor.

In fact it’s even an awkward thing to say,
He was suppose to play with the kids.
An average Parent would make him go play with the kids.

But the mom said something that shaped his life and defined him.

Speak Life….

Even when his son , was obviously dull and quiet, she didn’t leverage on that to abuse and ridicule his son.

There are some cases that will force you to say , nasty things,  and unprintable words, you just have to control yourself.

Speak Life.