Respect to Women.

Respect to Women.

To be a woman is not about inflating body parts and undergoing surgeries !

You are 1000000 million miles far from reality!

There is a hospital behind my window.
Where women give birth.

Most times am awakened by a loud scream or If am awake, I would hear loud screams , most times 2 or 3am , sometimes 4 or 5am.

Women in labour and excruciating pains.

Some scream for hours trying to Push .
And the voices are not bedroom voice.
Thick and loud.

When they start screaming, you will be scared, they don’t even mind the time.

Ha ! What A Pain!

There was a day , one woman was in labour and her scream was loud, I was scared!
Am like , what the heck!
I was expecting the baby, as if am the dad!
All I wanted to hear is the cry from the baby!
The baby finally came out, Thank Goodness GOD !
The baby didn’t cry immediately, I heard some beatings(I have sharp ears).
Then the baby finally cried!
Awwww !
I imagined the beauty of it !
I said to myself, boy that’s how you came into this world .
That’s how the journey started for everyone.

Am appalled when frustrated and fed up men, wake up one day, dress up in a man’s cloth, contact a doctor, withdraw money from his account, pay for surgery and boom !

He starts flaunting inflated chest, shaking inflated behind and he calls himself a woman, and you accept it, saying he is brave?
Are you really okay?
Like Okay?

Where is your pride of womanhood?
How on earth are you supporting an imposter, a fraud and frustrated man, who wants to be accepted by female folks , by all means possible?

Oh Lord bring back the sense of reasoning and discernment!

Being a woman is more than physical appearance.
There is a purpose in being a woman.
Women are created with values.
Designed in a special way!

Please shove that crap, of a man becoming a woman as bravery into septic tank!
That’s were craps relax.

No atom of bravery in it, its a deception, an alternative for inferior, frustrated and fed up men, seeking recognition and relevance!

Dazzol !!

And men!
Please I beg you!
Appreciate and support your woman!
My brother e no easy too for them oo!
Please pamper your pregnant wife,
You know how it feels, drinking heavy and eating excess, you are so much in pains until you ease out, that’s how it is for them too!

Bros na 9 Months oooo, yours na only one day!
Biko ejoor please!
Help out!
If it means having a helper for that period , biko find !
Cook the soup, pound the yam, wash the clothes, mob the floor, no big deal in doing this things, it won’t readjust your first name, support her, na una two play the match, so no leave am suffer alone!
Thanks a bunch!

A big Shout out to every Proud Woman.
You girls are Heroines
Maximum Respect!
You girls rock!

To be a Woman is not a Day Job!

And to the expecting Mothers especially first timers,
I pray for more strength, its not easy truly, I feel for you sincerely.
But my Prayer is, You will scale through, and you will deliver in Peace and Ease.

Peace and Cheers !

Ema Bountiful © 2015.



Was up early today, So i decided to surf the net and update my blog.
Network was messing around.
Then i went to my twitter page to see whats up there.
Its quite a while i tweeted tho.
Then I saw a tweet by someone;

Help me oh Lord to live a grateful life and to embrace the beauty of your holiness #pray

I was like wow..
What a prayer…
Sincerely I havent prayed that prayer before…

Then another Tweet replied
what a dumb ass.

I was shocked, taken aback by that tweet.
I was wondering,why would someone Tweet that, it doesnt make sense to me.
Its awkward and ridiculous..

I replied him, asking if he hates GOD or what and if he does, how did he come to existence.

I asked that question because its absurd to hate someone that created you.
Computer cant hate who produced it, but obey whatever command typed into it.

Then another Tweet came in, he replied and went on and on.
I found out he was an athesit.

I bet he is a young person, but he didnt say his age tho.
So i cant say!
I dont know the Why he hates GOD.
It Looks absurd to me.
I cant imagine someone hating his creator.
The giver of breathe.
The breathing process is enough to tell you that there is GOD and he exist.
You wana tell me that science have an alternative to breathing process right?
I havent you seen anyoone with oxygen fixed on their body walking around in the streets.
Bet you havent.
There are a lot of reasons to believe that there is GOD..
The life i live am grateful.
The food and the health.
GOD regins and he exist.
I dont know if i made my point.