You Have Values…

You Have Values…

“When There is Hunger in the Jungle, The Lion doesn’t go about feeding with Pigs”.

I said the Above Quote to Drive Home a Point, which you will get to Read.

Yesterday, I was coming back from an Event, I was on a Motocycle, I saw a number of People, standing on one side of the Road.

I was Curious, What’s going on? I asked.

On my way out to the event, I don’t know how A motocycle and A jeep hit themselves, the Next thing I saw, was a Guy on the floor, obviously in pains.
While coming back from the event, before I saw people standing on the road, I saw shattered wind screen glasses, a towing van and a Disfigured ‘Danfo’….

This occasions made me Curious on why there is, these number of people, on the road…

The guy driving the motocyle said;
” Oga , hmmm, na one lady like that ooo, 
Me: Lady? What did she do? 
Motocycle driver: oga , e be like say she collect one man money,
Me: Money? How?
Motocycle guy: yes, as she come for bus stop, na so she start removing her clothes, and wearing it back!
Me: huh? Are you serious?
Motocycle Guy: yes na, na im make people stand they hold am.
The money wey she collect , juju dey am….

I was a Shocked, I didn’t know what to say.

But I feel I need to talk to the Ladies.

What’s Really Going on with us?
Let’s talk….

We are so quick to Fall in love with Men, we Know nothing about!

Forget that crap of Love at First sight.
Its Lust!
Love develops!
You get to see that person often, for you to fall in love.
The only thing that happens at first sight is Attraction.

You are attracted to the person, but you fall in love gradually, when you see the person often and there is some form of interactions.

But the 21st century Ladies, Fall in love straight, without even knowing the name of the person nor what he does (sometimes guys even lie).

They judge their level of love, with what they see at that moment. The type of car , his Attire and how he spend.

They are quick to lay without any form of knowing , they don’t even care if he has any disease, or he is a ritualist, or anything.

They are more concerned about the Money!

You hear them say:

“The money is the main ‘koko’.
“We need to maintain ourselves,
We need to buy clothes, buy make-up kits,
“We need to feel among”…

“There is no Job, the economy is hard, we have to use what we have to get what we want”!

And when the disease comes….

You hear:

“We can always treat ourselves., 
“We get our own ‘juju'(voodoo).
“Nothing dey happen”.

Ha !

In ignorance, they don’t even know, that there are sexually transmitted diseases that ‘Juju’ can’t even cure!
The so called money they have acquired, they would use it, going from one Hospital to another !
Seeking help and medical assistance.

Some have resort to, being the distributor of that disease.
Since they can’t cure it…

They seem happy and classic on the outside, but they are depressed within.


A lot of issues!

The Economy is hard quite alright, but there are things you can do with your hands..

You got Brains! 
Don’t limit your brain capability.
You have the power in you!
You can do anything! Am pretty sure of that !
We have hardworking ladies, earning clean cash, buying things they need for themselves, they aint depending on any man.

They call them independent women.

They hate to tie their well being to a man!
They want to be self sufficient.

For the fact their is hunger in the land, shouldn’t make you stoop so low.
You have values!

Refer back to the first quote.
Have you seen a Lion mingling with pigs, Just because , there is Hunger in the Jungle?

It keeps it cool !

There are a lot of ladies making it, you too can be among!

You can solve a need with your hands and brians.

Don’t put your Life into Jeopardy with diseases, you will live to regret, just because of Money.

You can make it !!
You got the Brains!
You are super intelligent!
You are endowed with Beauty and Brains.

Humanity Needs you!
You can create solutions to the problems in the society.

Do you know?

A woman developed and created the main materials used in Bullet Proof Vest?
She solved a Problem.

Do you also Know?

There is this Young lady in Unilag,
She cooks food for guys in school, deliever to them and gets her pay?
She is making her money.

Its high time you tell the guys! 
You aint created to be devalued, used, abused and Trashed.

There are great potentials in you!
You are capable.

I see you climbing heights!

Ema Bountiful.



There are 3 people you don’t lie to..

* A Lawyer- if you lie to your lawyer, he won’t know how to defend you.

* A Doctor – if you lie to your doctor, your sickness and disease will double.

* A pastor/Priest.- if you lie to your pastor, he won’t know what to pray about, or what happpened to Ananias and Saph may happen.
– Iwuchukwu Emmanuel ©

But the greatest of all is Lying to Yourself.
You would continually live in either regrets or denial.

Can I get your thoughts on Why People Lie?
Thank You.



We are slaves in our own Independent country,
Man have esteem themselves god over their fellow humans,
Little wonder if Humans were god, we would have woken up to any empty world.
They value money more than anything and anybody.

They have soiled their conscience,
Deaf to the cries of people,
Insensitive to the pains of people.

Nothing else matter except making money..

They can go at any length to satisfy themselves,
They regard their own hurt more than the hurt of others.
Their happiness over others,
Their wellbeing over others,
Their success over others,
Their growth over others
Their progress over others,

Nothing else matter except making money..

They have trampled upon humanity,
Made themselves a small god,
Their fellow human are object and subject to them, using and exploiting them anytime…

Nothing else matter except making money..

The cry of a baby they hear,
It make them restless,
Instead of consoling and taking care of the baby,
They prefer to silence the Baby , so they won’t hear the cry anymore.

Nothing else matter except making money.

People wake up with pains and anxiety,
To satisfy the boss, and to get a peanut to sustain self and needs,
They go through pains Sleeping, waking, going to work, coming back from work, eating and resting,
They clamour for weekends which have little or no impact due to activities.
And yet someone is blinded to this untold suffering…

Nothing else matter except making money…

They play politics with anything and everything,
Every piece of resources is an avenue to extort and exploit people.
Our basic needs are sold to us,
We need to appeal and applaud them before and after building roads,pipe borne waters, hospitals, etc
They smile to the bank on our ignorance.

Nothing else matter except making money…

I wonder how they sleep, wake, laugh, relax and enjoy on peoples wellbeing and welfare.
They pratice, the ‘ I don’t care syndrome’..
‘It doesn’t matter’.
‘How’s that my concern’
‘I mind my business’
They have silenced Abel and Proud to be the Cain.

Nothing else matter except making money…

People suffer to even generate electricity for themselves,
People suffer to be independent on our transport system,
People suffer to even produce and render service,
People suffer to put food on their tables and floors,
People suffer to get water,
And People suffer to be happy..

Nothing else matter except making money..

Even fuel attendants Pride themselves and act semi-god,
People beg and cry Just to buy fuel with their own money!
Tell me not that aliens are the cause of our Problems and Pains,
But Nigerians are The Pains other Nigerians go Through each day!

Nothing else matter except making money..

What a Country!!!

By Emmanuel Iwuchukwu.


Loosing Friends

One fact that would always happen whether we Like it or Not is- We must loose Friends.

No matter how glued or how permanent they seem to appear, we must definitely loose them.

The day I realised this sad fact, I began to loose more friends.

Weird isn’t it!

The friendship doesn’t end abruptly but its a gradual process that you may either notice or won’t even notice.

As we grow, our taste and desires change!

So it applies to our relationship with people.

We loose friends in many ways;

1) By either misplacing their contacts or they misplacing ours.

2) Relocating or Change of environment.

3) Transfer ( due to work or schooling)

4) Death

5) Change of character!

With my study, I have been able to also find out, that most times we are either sad or not sad it happens.

But the reality we must face is- we are definitely going to loose friends.
But the weird part is how, its going to happen.

Their is a particular saying I Love so much and it says-

” Mind how you end your friendship”

Some people end their friendship in bitterness and strife.

Some end theirs in happiness and peace.

I would recommend the later;
Reason is;
Life is a journey,
Wish others well,
We are pilgrims on earth.

And lastly.

Don’t get so glued to people who have negative influence in your life.

Don’t waste time to end the friendship.

Be wise.

Don’t also get so glued too with positive influence, they would get bored of you and start behaving unfriendly to you.

Bottom line is- Know when to stay and Know when to quit.

Be Blessed!

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