Respect to Women.

Respect to Women.

To be a woman is not about inflating body parts and undergoing surgeries !

You are 1000000 million miles far from reality!

There is a hospital behind my window.
Where women give birth.

Most times am awakened by a loud scream or If am awake, I would hear loud screams , most times 2 or 3am , sometimes 4 or 5am.

Women in labour and excruciating pains.

Some scream for hours trying to Push .
And the voices are not bedroom voice.
Thick and loud.

When they start screaming, you will be scared, they don’t even mind the time.

Ha ! What A Pain!

There was a day , one woman was in labour and her scream was loud, I was scared!
Am like , what the heck!
I was expecting the baby, as if am the dad!
All I wanted to hear is the cry from the baby!
The baby finally came out, Thank Goodness GOD !
The baby didn’t cry immediately, I heard some beatings(I have sharp ears).
Then the baby finally cried!
Awwww !
I imagined the beauty of it !
I said to myself, boy that’s how you came into this world .
That’s how the journey started for everyone.

Am appalled when frustrated and fed up men, wake up one day, dress up in a man’s cloth, contact a doctor, withdraw money from his account, pay for surgery and boom !

He starts flaunting inflated chest, shaking inflated behind and he calls himself a woman, and you accept it, saying he is brave?
Are you really okay?
Like Okay?

Where is your pride of womanhood?
How on earth are you supporting an imposter, a fraud and frustrated man, who wants to be accepted by female folks , by all means possible?

Oh Lord bring back the sense of reasoning and discernment!

Being a woman is more than physical appearance.
There is a purpose in being a woman.
Women are created with values.
Designed in a special way!

Please shove that crap, of a man becoming a woman as bravery into septic tank!
That’s were craps relax.

No atom of bravery in it, its a deception, an alternative for inferior, frustrated and fed up men, seeking recognition and relevance!

Dazzol !!

And men!
Please I beg you!
Appreciate and support your woman!
My brother e no easy too for them oo!
Please pamper your pregnant wife,
You know how it feels, drinking heavy and eating excess, you are so much in pains until you ease out, that’s how it is for them too!

Bros na 9 Months oooo, yours na only one day!
Biko ejoor please!
Help out!
If it means having a helper for that period , biko find !
Cook the soup, pound the yam, wash the clothes, mob the floor, no big deal in doing this things, it won’t readjust your first name, support her, na una two play the match, so no leave am suffer alone!
Thanks a bunch!

A big Shout out to every Proud Woman.
You girls are Heroines
Maximum Respect!
You girls rock!

To be a Woman is not a Day Job!

And to the expecting Mothers especially first timers,
I pray for more strength, its not easy truly, I feel for you sincerely.
But my Prayer is, You will scale through, and you will deliver in Peace and Ease.

Peace and Cheers !

Ema Bountiful © 2015.

The House Chores……

The House Chores……

The Landlord of the house I lived in, when I was a kid, had 10 Solid Boys.
Yes you heard right…
And they are so so handsome.
No girls( don’t know about now).

Then, I could feel her urge and desire to have a female child.
If adoption was easy, she would have made the decision.

It would sound awkward, when people hear that you ain’t barren or having difficulties in taking in, but went and adopt a girl just because you need one.

But basically,
We live in a country where Its a taboo to have all girls, without a boy, we also live in a country where you need to have both sexes for people to even appreciate your family.

This perception about sexes in marriage , when it comes to having kids have led to many heartbreak and broken marriages .

Until we start accepting any sex , we will still be backward as a country.
Esp in marriage aspects.

You can nurture your male child to do basic home chores.

And this stereotype belief system, that the female child are made and certified to be the only one doing house chores or maintaining a home, have influenced major aspects of our lives and lifestyle.

C’mon the plates don’t have sexes.

Right? Right!

Until we start teaching our kids and erase this belief system, we would have adults having issues with it.

I do House chores and I cook as well.

So teach your male kids, I learnt from my mum.
You just have to, it will pay off later in life, esp their bachelor state.

It all starts from you.
Yes you mother!
You can balance things up.
You can abolish this stereotype belief system..
You can save your sons marriage.
You can ! And we should, cos its important.

And bottom line is…
All kids are kids.
Irrespective of their sexes.
They can be your all, in all you wanted in the opposite of their sex.


Copyright Emmanuel Iwuchukwu.




In a year,
We only have May 27 as the only day to celebrate kids.

Well from this part of divide, we care less about the date,
Most parents are so busy they forget to express and show their love to the kids.

They leave the care to the schools to handle by paying for childrens day party.

The kids have hard times getting along with their parents.
They are used to teachers and classmates.
That’s why they can be decieved easily by the above mentioned.

Children needs attention esp this 21st century, they need parental care, to be able to subdue peer presure and negative influence.

Little wonder why Children aint Jovial with their parents, the reason is not far fetched.
The parents have been so busy with work and excuses.
They have little or no time.
They get to say, —- am busy with work and providing for the family, bills have to be paid , blah blah blah,
But what’s the essence of paying and hustling for the Family when its all literal engagements?.
The family is just word but no concern.
No care,
No intimacy
No love.

A worry!

Most parents have a nonchalant attitude towards today celebration, cos it means nothing.

Well it means a Lot.
It means appreciating your kids
It means being happy you have them,
It means counting your kids as a blessing,
It means having the joy that they are growing,
It means appreciating the Fact that GOD is keeping them safe,
It means being glad they are growing,
They are being smart, intelligent and creative.
It means seeing them healthy, strong and vibrant.
It means celebrating their futuristic ambitions.
Even your older children needs to be celebrated too,
They are still your children irrespective of age.

Let’s share the Love.

Their is no family without kids,
They are a blessing.
They are the joy of marriage.
Celebrate them.

Happy Childrens day!
Even you , yes you
You are a child !
Its your day!

Forget this mentality that kids in school are only the ones celebrating,
Unless you are alien, reject it..
Adults are children too.

But to all the Children out their!
Happy Childrens Day…..
Keep the Joy of the family.
You are the best thing that have ever happened.
You are a Blessing.
You have visions.
Don’t be bullied and intimidated by Peer pressure.
You are meant to be a Hero and Heroine.
You are a Role Model.
You have gifts embedded in you.
You are simply the Best.


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Loosing Friends

One fact that would always happen whether we Like it or Not is- We must loose Friends.

No matter how glued or how permanent they seem to appear, we must definitely loose them.

The day I realised this sad fact, I began to loose more friends.

Weird isn’t it!

The friendship doesn’t end abruptly but its a gradual process that you may either notice or won’t even notice.

As we grow, our taste and desires change!

So it applies to our relationship with people.

We loose friends in many ways;

1) By either misplacing their contacts or they misplacing ours.

2) Relocating or Change of environment.

3) Transfer ( due to work or schooling)

4) Death

5) Change of character!

With my study, I have been able to also find out, that most times we are either sad or not sad it happens.

But the reality we must face is- we are definitely going to loose friends.
But the weird part is how, its going to happen.

Their is a particular saying I Love so much and it says-

” Mind how you end your friendship”

Some people end their friendship in bitterness and strife.

Some end theirs in happiness and peace.

I would recommend the later;
Reason is;
Life is a journey,
Wish others well,
We are pilgrims on earth.

And lastly.

Don’t get so glued to people who have negative influence in your life.

Don’t waste time to end the friendship.

Be wise.

Don’t also get so glued too with positive influence, they would get bored of you and start behaving unfriendly to you.

Bottom line is- Know when to stay and Know when to quit.

Be Blessed!

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Isn’t This Weird

isn't this weird
isn’t this weird
What’s up with the money acquisition?
Where on earth are humans storing the wealth they are amassing everyday?
What’s the essence of the wealth if humans store wealth for themselves and a child on the street is hungry?
Isn’t food the cheapest commodity to give to someone in need?

We have a lot of billionaires and millionaires in this world but yet some kids have only one pant not even a clothe.-one book not even a textbook,
-One slippers not even a shoe.

Where is the Love, we profess to exhibit when a child who doesn’t have much needs but cloth,food,water and education is in desperate need..
Is that much to give?

Is that too much for a child to ask?

Drying up tears in the eyes of people is the best kind of peace and happiness.

Ponder on these……………