Looking For a Perfect Man or Woman, Is like casting A Net into A River in Search of Gold Fish.
You will wait Endlessly, seasons will pass, time will be Lost, and you will start loosing Patience.
But You Can Catch any Fish and Decide to Gold Plate and Design it to Your Taste and Fashion.
Likewise people, You don’t get a Perfect Lady nor A Perfect Gentleman,You either Compliment or Contribute.

People wait Endlessly, in search of MR Perfect Or MRS Perfect.
Not Knowing that it takes a Patient Man or a Woman to build a Perfect Personality.

Bear in Mind……..

“Perfection is in the Eyes of the Beholder” – Iwuchukwu Emmanuel.

Someone You Describe as Perfect may simply be Imperfect to someone else.

And That Compliments that quote above.
So it boils down to one Glaring Fact-
You don’t have ‘Ready- made Perfect People, but We have , Ready- to be made Perfect people’.

So quit the Ultimate Search and Make that Person you Love and Care about Perfect to you.




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